Corporate Environmental Policy

Basic Concept

The Hakuto group,inclusive of its domestic and foreign affiliates, as a good corporate citizen, aims to contribute to economic and social development and creation of a sustainable society by giving serious consideration to the global environment, and by accomplishing the aforementioned, Hakuto endeavors in environmental protection as well as in our business activities and promotes environmental activities.

Basic Policy

  1. We endeavor to prevent environmental pollution in the course of our installation and support services for the electronic and electric equipment we market.
  2. We, promote systematic management of toxic chemical compounds in the electronic components that we market, and observe the Green-procurement Direction of our customers.
  3. We make a conscientious effort to do research into minimizing water, air, noise, vibration and soil pollution at our research laboratory plant, and sales offices which focus on the development manufacturing and sales offices of industrial chemicals for the purpose of pollution prevention.
  4. We promote marketing of electronic and electric equipment, electronic components, industrial chemicals, etc. effective in environmental conservation, provide information related to these products and promote product development.
  5. We establish an environmental management system to promote prevention of global warming, effective use of resources and reduction in waste disposal.
  6. We observe environmental laws, restrictions and requirements including those of customers that we have agreed to.
  7. We promote environmental activities to cope with serious environmental problem such as biodiversity diminution.
  8. According to our environmental policy, we apply our environmental management system over the corporate sections to set up their environmental objectives and targets. To improve our environmental management system, we periodically review amd upgrade our environmental policy, objectives and targets.
  9. We familiarize and disclose our environmental policies to all our corporate employees and to the general public by publishing the policies on our internet web page and on our internal electronic bulletin board.

June 28, 2011
Ryusaburo Sugimoto, President
Nobuhito Shintoku, VP of Environmental Issues
Hakuto Co., Ltd.


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