Micro Resistance Welder Series

A resistance welding machine composed of welding power supply, a weld head and an electrode. The welding power supply controls a welding current, the weld head exerts a pressure on the material to weld and the electrode provides welding current and pressurization force to the part under welding. We have been providing various kinds of welding power supplies and welding heads to meet these requirements.

Pulse Heat Unit Series

  • This method is most suitable for reliable soldering and thermo-compression because heating and cooling are done applying the pressure force
  • Good repeatability of heating temperature and time requires no skilled workers
  • Partial heating in short time allows to reduce thermal damages
  • For implement of Pb free

Ultrasonic Equipment Series

Ultrasonic Equipment uses Ultrasonic Energy to perform various bonding & cutting functions such as resin welding, resin melt cutting, resin cutting, metal joining and food cutting. The basic com-ponents of Ultrasonic Welding Systems consist of an Ultrasonic Generator and the main unit of the welder (press).
Products offered include a wide range of output models from a compact 40W unit to the world's high-est in class 8,000W unit to meet customer needs.

Welding, in particular, is the core of ultrasonic processing technology. Because the welding time is as short as one (1) second or so and because the welding equipment can be integrated into automatic machines, it is suitable for mass production applications. Furthermore, as air tight welding can be easily achieved, it is used for large sized container for automobiles and home electronics or processing

High-frequency Induction Heat

  • Not Only Steel but Also Brass, which is a Non-magnetic Metal, can be Heated
  • Compatible to a Work of Φ4 - 30 mm
  • Unlike the Standard Heater Method, It can Generate Heat Instantly without Pre-heating, which Contributes to Reduction of Electric Power Consumption and Prevention of Quality Change of Metal Parts
  • Small Size and Light Weight is Realized by the Consolidated High Efficiency Design
  • Small Diameter Cu Wire and Cu Pipe, Easy to Wind, are Used for the Heater Coil
  • As the Connection between the Coil and the Matching Box is Made by a Litz Wire, Connection to an Automated Machine can be Made Easily
  • By Combining with a Non-contact Type Infrared Temperature Sensor, Precision Production with the Least Variation of Torque Strength and Pull Strength can be Made