JP-4 Series

High Precision Electro press
Our user-friendly flagship model servo press features advanced precision and control.

Available in three model types: Unit, Stand-Alone and Head types.

JP-S Series

High Precision Servo press

Ideal for replacing hydraulic and pneumatic presses

Slim and compact, our cylinder type servo press is designed especially for in-line installation, where saving space matters most.

Comprehensive interfacing with Ethernet, Fieldbus and DIO capabilities.

JR3000 Series

We offer several model types, all high precision, user-friendly, with abundant application capacities and wide movement ranges to dramatically boost your productivity.

Broaden your manufacturing potential with our flagship model desktop robot.

Servo SCARA JS/JSTH Series

Servo SCARA JS/JSTH Series
A rich array of arm lengths and variations
  • JS Series: four models ranging from 250mm to 550mm
  • JSTH Series: seven models ranging from 350mm to 1,000mm
Powerful motor (up to 1,900W) handles high speed operations.

JC-3 Series

We've incorporated the high performance and user-friendliness of our multifunctional Desktop Robot into a cartesian robot.

Multifunctional, user-friendly cartesian robot..

Janome SCARA Robot application Demo