Electronics related businesses

Our electronics related business is supported by three pillars which are; the electric equipment, electronic devices and electronic components Our sales staffs with superior technical knowledge continuously seek various quality products elsewhere in the world and resell them to both domestic and oversea customers. Although Hakuto is a trading company, we have been fully supported by our customers in many respects while we are executing our company’s Customer First policy. Hakuto, a company specialized in the area of electronics products, has been creating added values in our products and services which meet customers needs.


Chemicals related business

In our factory and research laboratory at Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture, Japan. We research develop and manufacture our industrial chemical products aimed at improving the production efficiency and environment safety in the petroleum, petro-chemicals, paper pulp and auto industries.

At the research laboratory, we have been aggressively researching and developing various products for the next generation, such as cosmetic products and Ester Dendrimer which have been developed with our technology of Alcasealan. Our factory and research laboratory are aggressively, challenging for the creation of new values.

Machinery Group Product Line up